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Nanowar Of Steel are a parody metal band from Italy that takes comedy seriously.

(2003-2007) The Beginning

Formed in 2003 as NanowaR, after an extremely crappy pre-demo entitled True Metal Of The World, they release their first demo CD, Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel which featured classic metal songs revisited like Master Of Pizza (Metallica’s Master Of Puppets) and Emerald Fork (Rhapsody’s Emerald Sword) as well as brand new own songs with parodic and nonsense lyrics.
With this work the band starts to be known all around the world’s underground metal scene, the initial 1000 copies printed are sold-out in a year and several reprints of this work follow.
In 2005 they release their first self-produced full length album: Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay! which is produced by Saul Morabito at 16th Cellar Studios in Rome. Besides recieving many Best Album awards (from the magazine DarkCity, the webzines and MetalStorm among the others) it allows the band to perform several gigs all around Italy and eventually join their first international even, the Z7 Metal Dayz Festival in Pratteln (Switzerland) , sharing the stage with world-known metal acts as In Extremo, Nevermore, Blaze, Dark Funeral, Jon Oliva and more.

(2007-2012) European Tours

In 2007, shortly after changing their name from Nanowar to Nanowar Of Steel they release a double album entitled Made in Naples containing the whole Z7 live performance recordings and a second cd with previously unreleased songs and new versions of the elder ones.
In May and October of the same year they also perform their first two European tours, headlining tens of gigs in Italy, Spain (joining the Martohell Festival), France, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland (where they headline the True As Steel Festival in Bülach), Bulgaria, Greece, Holland and Belgium.
In 2008 they start the recordings of their second full-length CD, which take place in the well-known Temple Of Noise Studios in Rome.
Between December 2008 and January 2009 they leave for their Christmas With NanowaR Tour , playing in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia.
In 2009 then, during the recordings of the new albums, more European gigs take place, and in April NanowaR play again in France (Nancy and Paris) and then headline the De Velinx Festival in Tongeren (Belgium).
In May they leave for another Tour in the south-eastern European region, called Goalkeeper of the Seven Keys Part 4 Tour, playing in Budapest, Bulgaria (with a sold-out show in Sofia) and other cities in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Austria. During summer 2009 Nanowar headline the Italian Never Give Up Festival in Cagliari and take part to the worldwide famous HellFest festival in Clisson (France) playing on the Metal Corner stage.
Most of the years 2009 and 2010 are devoted to the recordings of ther new album; in March 2010 they finally release their first official video-clip (filmed in Rome and directed by Xaria Byron) featuring the new song simply called Nanowar. The whole work is finished in June, and in September Into Gay Pride Ride is finally out. The album is recorded and arranged with Christian ICE at the Temple Of Noise studios in Rome, who also becomes the band’s official sound engineer for their future live performances.
In the meanwhile, Nanowar Of Steel also officially endorse the NanoNote, a nano open source computer.
Due to the members’ many activities outside of the band, Nanowar perform only a bunch of shows following the release, playing in Austria, in Switzerland (where they also headline the Rock am Gleis festival in Aarau), at the Mundo Idiota festival in Madrid (October 2012, with more than 2000 people attending), headlining the Rock in Somma festival near Milan and playing in the best venues in Rome (such as Qube and the Orion Live Club).

(2012-2018) Going viral in Italy

In April 2012 they release the videoclip for a new single entitled Giorgio Mastrota which in a few weeks reaches over 100.000 viewers on YouTube (now over two million).
The song becomes extremely popular in Italy, being broadcasted by several radios and also appearing on national television in several occasions.
In 2013 they start cooperating with Feudalesimo e Liberta’, a well known Italian pseudo-parody political movement which advocates the return of the Empire and Feudal Rights in Europe. They release a video-clip in August of the same year, whose release is covered by mainstream newspapers (such as La Repubblica) and echoes through the whole Italian peninsula. In October they play for the first time in the Russian Federation, at the Oktobier Fest in Moscow, performing for the occasion a brand new song in Russian language called Хуйзбекистан (Cockbekistan in English).
Finally, in February 2014 a new release is out: A Knight At The Opera, which includes the latest singles, a new song in italian (Il Cacciatore della Notte) and a new song in German, Russian, Spanish and Serbocroatian language. The album is released with a live DVD from the 2007 performance in Buelach, Switzerland, at the True As Steel Festival as well as a bunch of old hits re-recored in a truer, steeler version.
The release is followed by dozens of shows all across Italy; in particular, in September they perform with Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra, Vision Divine…) in a show held at Florence’s Cycle Club.
2015 is a year of intense live activity, with the Barbagianni Tour 2014/2015, the summer Tourmentone 2015 where they had the possibility to play at the Metal Frenzy festival in Gardelegen, Germany and at the Metal for Emergency festival in Bergamo with Gamma Ray, among many others. During the Tourmentone 2015, before each show, the band would start a poll where the fans could vote and propose a theme or a title for a brand new song, which had to be composed during the days preceding those concerts and then played there.
In October 2015, before taking a break to write and record the new album, they embark on the European Teletubbies From Hell Tour, where they play in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria also as an opening act for the Spanish folkmetallers Mago de Oz.

In January 2016 they release an EP entitled Tour-Mentone Vol.I which features four among the best songs composed for the Tourmentone 2015 summer tour as well as an English-language version of their Italian hit George Mastrothard, Keeper of the Stainless Steel.
In November 2016 Nanowar Of Steel release their own comic, entitled I Custodi dell’Acciaio Inox (The Keepers of Stainless Steel) and start their FumetTour during which they headline some of the biggest Comics & Games fairs across the country, such as the Lucca Comics, Napoli Comicon, Etna Comics..

(2018-Today) Nanowar Today

In November 2018 Nanowar release their 3rd Full-Length album. entitled “Stairway to Valhalla”, produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio at Ivory Tears studio.
The album is presented at the 2018 Edition of the Lucca Comics & Games festival, where they share the stage with Italian TV legend Giorgio Mastrota, that made a surprise appearance.

The release is followed by tens of club shows and festivals all around Italy, some of which are sold out.

In June 2019 the band releases a new single, entitled Norwegian Reggaeton which becomes an instant hit worldwide, with 2 million views on YouTube in the first two weeks of publication.

To Kill The Dragon You Need A Sword // A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  1. To Kill The Dragon You Need A Sword // A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  2. Schwanzwald (The Forest Of Cocks) // A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  3. Tricycles Of Steel // A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  4. Poser // A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  5. Giorgio Mastrota // Nanowar - A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  6. Feudalesimo e Libertà // Nanowar - A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)
  7. Il Cacciatore della Notte // Nanowar - A Knight At The Opera (DVD+CD, 2014)