Mister Baffo

Singer, entertainer and weight lifter


Fashion: Lanieri Italia

Art: I love the painter Alessandro Ferraro

TV Shows / Movies: Never Ending Story, Equilibrium, Dark City

Other hobbies/talents: Slow Smoking and fashion modeling


Favorite Musical Artists of all time:

1. Michael McCann (He brings resonance to my emotions)

2. Celldweller (Awesome innovator)

3. Hans Zimmer (He touches my soul)

4. Queen (What else?)

5. Nickelback (This sounds weird, but for me it is complicated to do something so simple and yet so clear and effective)


Favorite New Artists / Records:

1. Billie Eilish (She is doing something new)

2. Mick Gordon (He made a synthesis of what heavy metal should be today)

3. Nothing But Thieves (They risked, and they succeeded)

4. Twenty One Pilots (Honest music)