Uinona Raider

Drums, samples, dances and choreography


If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? Archeologist, Psychologist

Favourite Video Games:  Doom, Monkey Island saga, Paladins, Lords of the Realm, Fifa, Pes, Diablo 


Favorite Musical Artists of all time:

1. Beatles (They are the most complete and visionary music writers of all times)

2. G.F. Haendel ( His musical architecture and emotions in it are undisputed)   

3. Joe Zawinul (He connects all human cultures with accuracy and wisdom)

4. Miles Davis (Freedom of expression)     

5. Tupac Shakur (His lyrics and his musical lessons will inspire generations forever)


Favorite New Artists / Records:

Ghost (They have the full package, great songs, great live show, great production and a lot of different ideas)